Humans are endowed with great body parts with all having their unique purposes. The hands help a great deal with every person performing basic activities such as using them to eat. Humans are also intelligent creatures, and from ancient times, they developed/ innovated tools that were aimed to aid the hands to perform certain activities with greater ease. These tools are referred to as Hand Tools since they require the power of the hand for performance. They enable the accomplishment of tasks like pruning, hammering, cleaning and cutting through a piece of wood.
Point to note: a hand tool only uses the power from the hand, not motor run or involving any portable power.

Different types of Hand Tools

Hand tools are in two categories or divisions, that is, indoor and outdoor tools. Some of these tools can be used both indoor and outdoor. Different types of Hand Tools are:

Indoor Tools

Some of the main Indoor Tools are:

1- Pliers

They are made in many different sizes and shapes for different purposes.

For Example :

a)- Linesman (side cutting) Pliers

Mainly used in electrical and communications work for gripping, cutting and stripping insulated wires.

b)- Utility Pliers

This type of pliers enables the user to use limited force while twisting thus preventing damage to the work. Used to grip flat, round and hexagonal objects.

c)- Diagonal Pliers

Involves cutting/skinning wires and removing fasteners like pins and nails.

d)- Slip Joint Pliers

They are used to adjust bolts and nuts.

e)- End Cutting Pliers

Used for cutting nails, wires that are close to the area the work is being done.

f)- Flat Nose Pliers

It is very common among households since it is used in many applications for gripping, turning and bending wires.

2- Screw Drivers

They come in different shapes and sizes. For a screwdriver to be useful, one has to match the screwdriver to the screw head both in terms of size and type. The blade tip width of the screwdriver should be of the same width as a width of the slotted screw head.

3- Hand Saw/ Panel Saw

They are used to cut pieces of wood into different shapes for use in construction.

For Example :

a)-  Hack saw

This tool is able to cut through wood, plastic, metal and other materials by using material specific cutting blades. This is the most common saw type because of its lightweight and versatility.

(b). Coping Saw

This is the ideal saw for work that needs intricate and precise cuts. It entails a thin, narrow blade that does trimming and cutting well. Toolkit do not miss this saw be they belonging to carpenters, plumbers, almost everybody.

c)- Bow Saw

It is used for trimming trees, cutting logs and pruning. Used more outdoors at home. It has a long blade with many crosscut teeth that are designed to remove material while pushing and pulling.

d)-  Back Saw

It’s called a backsaw because it has a relatively long saw with a narrow blade that is reinforced along the upper edge. It has other names such as miter saw or tenon saw depending on the design of the saw, region it is made from and its intended use.

4- Drills

Drills are primarily used for driving in fasteners or making round holes on a surface.

5- Striking Tools

These types of tools consist of a weighted head attached to a handle. Examples are The sledgehammer, maul, pick, Battering ram. Fiberglass handles are recommended over wooden handles for strength and safety.

6- Snips/Shears

They are used to cut through metal and tough webs.

7- Tape Measure

It is a flexible ruler used to measure distance. Tape measures come in different measurements.

8- Clamps

They are used to hold and secure objects tightly together to prevent movement. It is a fastening device.

9- Files

Used to remove fine amounts of material from a workpiece.

10- Wrench /Spanner

It keeps bolts or nuts from turning by applying torque to turn or grip.

Outdoor Tools

Some of the main outdoor tools are:

1- Rake

Entails a toothed bar fixed transversely to a handle. It is an outdoor broom used for collecting leaves, gardening, loosening the soil and light weeding.

2- Pruning Shears

They are a type of scissors used on plants. This is because of their strength which enables them to prune hard branches of trees.

3- Garden fork

Used for loosening, turning over and lifting soil in the garden. Initially, they were made of wood but are now made of stainless steel or carbon steel.

4- Shovels

They consist of a broad blade fixed to a medium – length handle. They are very strong, usually made of sheet steel and are used to dig, lift and move bulk materials like soil, snow or gravel.

Where can I find quality Hand Tools?

Using the right tool for a job is critical. This ensures Safety as it is core when looking for a hand tool to use to reduce or completely eradicate the risk of injury. One should buy the hand tool that best fits with the size of their hand. This enables comfort when working. Here are some of the best hand tool brands available online:

Best Hand Tool Brands

Some of the best hand tool brands are:

1- Armstrong

Though aimed more towards the government and military users, a lot of their hand tools are affordable and easy to find for independent users. They are worth an investment.

2- Williams

For users buying for the first time, wrenches and hard handled screwdrivers are some of the popular tools from the Williams brand. They offer tools that are made both in the USA and ones that are also made overseas.

3- SK Hand Tool

They are re-known for having innovative tool designs, for example, their socket sets and thumb wheel ratchet.

4- Wright

Though they don’t produce as many tools as other brands, they have a few gems in their offing.

5- Proto

If there is something you need, most likely this brand makes it. If they are not offering what you need, you could probably find it under one of their sister brands that are also under the Stanley Black and Decker Umbrella.
With so many different brands selling the same products, choosing the right types of tools may be difficult. Be it a tool for a professional or a tool for home use, one must pick the brand carefully because the quality of goods differs from one manufacturer to the other.

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